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Stainless steel metal decorative screen
[Foshan Jinzhong Metal Co., Ltd.] is located in "Foshan", a famous stainless steel distribution center in the country. It is a manufacturer specializing in stainless steel products and decorative engineering. It has many years of experience in making stainless steel products and decorative products. The company has been the exclusive supplier of many domestic high-end hotels, KTVs, villas, sales offices and other high-end venues, with its own fixed cooperation decoration company. The stainless steel screens produced by our company are simple and stylish, luxurious, diverse in style, flexible in workmanship, exquisite in craftsmanship, and high in quality. They can also be customized according to drawings and samples. You can also design and cast individual screens that show your company's image. The company is now mainly engaged in color stainless steel, stainless steel screen partitions, grate, closing lines, door covers, footings, stair railings, constant temperature wine cabinets, wine racks and special shapes ...

Category: Home Decoration, Home Metal Products Area: Shandong Company: Foshan Jinzhong Metal Co., Ltd. Storage Time: 2020-01-03 13:53:56

梅州 Electric foot bath sofa
The after-sales problems of Meizhou electric foot bath sofa not only cause headaches for manufacturers, but also annoy customers. After encountering such problems, customers will definitely regret buying this foot bath sofa, so why do foot bath sofas encounter these problems, these How should the problem be solved? Let's take a look at these problems. For those who do not understand foot bath sofas, they only care about the appearance of the foot bath sofa, but ignore the internal frame material of the foot bath, so it will cause the foot bath sofa to break. Like the wooden foot foot sofa above, it is most prone to break. Wooden things will definitely not take a long time. Over time, there will definitely be more and more problems after sales. Foot bath sofa frame foot bath sofa frame is divided into wooden frame ...

Category: Home Decoration Hotel Furniture Area: Dongguan, Guangdong Company: Dongguan Mengyuan Furniture Co., Ltd. Entry Time: 2019-12-11 14:49:13

Meizhou Foot Bath Sofa
Meizhou Foot Bath Sofa Specifications: Length: 145 square stools 55 = 200CM, 97 cm, 45 cm high Motor: domestic high standard motor motor, lifetime warranty. Iron frame: galvanized pipe iron frame after 1.5, five-year warranty. Frame: solid wood cubes, hard material, strong rigidity, in line with GB / T3324 international standards, anti-corrosion, insect-proof will never deform. Sponge: Adopt high-density foam sponge and high-resilience sponge, with moderate softness and hardness, good resilience, and no deformation. The shape of the sponge has both modern aesthetics and ergonomics, and is comfortable to sit. Spring: high quality high strength snake spring, strong toughness, good elasticity. Finish: Selected fabrics (Note: optional fabrics). ...

Category: Home Decoration Area: Dongguan, Guangdong Company: Dongguan Mengyuan Furniture Co., Ltd. Storage time: 2019-12-11 14:27:27

Special glaze porcelain for tile joint
Product introduction: Glaze porcelain uses imported high-quality raw materials. The surface of the glaze porcelain after curing is as smooth and transparent as jade porcelain. The product quality far exceeds the national standard GB18583. It is a new type of polymer mainly used for the beautification and decoration of ceramic tiles. Building material products, without any harmful substances, green environmental protection, waterproof and mildew proof, hard as porcelain, durable and new, etc. Product features: After decorative curing of building materials, it will form a clean and smooth surface like porcelain on the seams of tiles, which has a strong decorative effect. Yitu glaze porcelain is rich in color and can be matched with tiles of different textures and colors to make beautiful tiles. The seams and tiles blend together. Make the overall decoration effect of home improvement / tooling better, more luxurious, and upgrade the decoration level. Product functionality ...

Category: Home Decoration Other Unclassified Area: Zhejiang Jinhua Company: Yitu International Beauty Sewing Time: 2019-12-06 15:27:23

Tile beauty joint water porcelain
Product introduction: Use imported epoxy resin, improved curing agent, natural diamond sand, without adding any harmful substances to human body. Extremely safe and environmentally friendly. The surface sand texture is particularly strong, with matte properties, thick, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. It is very suitable for landscaping such as high-end antique tiles, modern antique tiles, imported industrial wind, cement tiles, soft light tiles and so on. Product features: 1. The product has a very good effect after molding, soft color and matte, strong and delicate sand texture, thick and scratch-resistant; 2. Safe and environmentally friendly, free of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and heavy metals; 3. Acid and alkali resistance , Washable, yellowing resistant, waterproof, oil-proof and anti-fouling; 4, solve the problem of epoxy colored sand products construction (gap whitening, curing agent residue); 5, the same construction and construction as real porcelain products ...

Category: Home Decoration Area: Zhejiang Company: Yitu International Beauty Sewing Storage Time: 2019-12-06 15:23:19

Small apartment design in Nanning, Guangxi, to give you a design plan!
The main space ideas of Nanning Huacheng Decoration Enterprise include office building ideas, restaurant ideas, hotel and restaurant ideas, etc. In terms of creativity, it also took the lead in putting forward the service concept of full-time copying and full-time supervision by creative artists, and fully refined the creative work, and put forward the major technical points covered in project engineering such as lighting, mechanical and electrical majors, The majors of art accessories, creativity of logos and signs, etc., are jointly completed by various professional creative artists to form a complete indoor creative system. Abandoned the incomplete shortcomings of a traditional decoration company's project is completed by a creative designer alone, making creativity and construction itself more professional and creative, and strive to create a decoration company in the mind of customers. Attention to installing sockets in the living room: before design and construction ...

Category: Home Decoration Area: Nanning , Guangxi Company: Nanning Huacheng Decoration Company Storage time: 2019-11-30 13:04:29

2019 new research and development and production of G1 photon laser hair removal instrument for women
G1 equipment parameter model: G1 light source type: strong pulse light main function: hair removal times: 300,000 light output area: 3cm2 light output energy: 12J host size: 82 * 115 * 47mm total weight: 0.44kg host weight: 0.18kg power adapter: 100-240V | 50 / 60Hz 12V | 3A | 36W Display: LED screen Package size: 225 * 145 * 75mm Working environment: temperature-5-40 ° C, relative humidity 20-90%, non-condensing environment Storage environment: Temperature 15-60 ° C, relative humidity 30-60%, non-condensing environment

Category: Home Decoration Personal Care Appliances Area: Shenzhen , Guangdong Company: Shenzhen Nuobo Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. Storage time: 2019-09-09 11:39:57

2019 New M1 Ms. Beauty Salon / Home Photon IPL Hair Removal Instrument
M1 equipment parameter model: M1 light source type: strong pulse light main function: hair removal + skin rejuvenation + acne light emitting times: 500,000 light emitting area: 4.2cm2 host size: 296 * 250 * 106mm total weight: 3.56kg host weight: 1.63kg Power adapter: 100-265V, 50 | 60HZ, 65W Display: blue display LCD screen Package size: 350 * 290 * 135mm Working environment: temperature 0-40 ° C, relative humidity 20-60%, non-condensing storage environment : Temperature -20-60 ° C, relative humidity 20-90%, non-condensing environment

Category: Home Decoration Personal Care Appliances Area: Shenzhen , Guangdong Company: Shenzhen Nuobo Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. Storage time: 2019-09-09 11:39:13

Auditorium chairs with soft pads
According to the needs of customers, some like the front desk auditorium chair and some are suitable for the rear auditorium chair. According to the needs of different customers, our company's auditorium chair The board position can be customized for customers' convenience. In order to save space, most of the writing boards used in the auditorium chairs are concealed. When not in use, they do not take up space to facilitate a wider aisle. The writing board folding device is usually a metal structure, and the table surface of the writing board is usually made of wood or plastic. . The writing pad of the auditorium chair is designed for meetings or lectures, which is convenient for taking notes or placing documents and books during meetings or classes. through...

Category: Home Furnishing Furniture Area: Cangzhou , Hebei Company: Cangzhou Huaxin Furniture Co., Ltd. Storage time: 2019-08-30 14:24:07

Bunk bed direct sales wholesale
Welcome to visit Pengwen Furniture: Our warehouse is located at Shiziling Lubao Industrial Park, Haiyu Middle Line, Xiuying District, Haikou, Hainan. Our shop mainly provides a variety of goods such as daily life furniture (beds, tables and chairs, clothes racks, shoes cabinets), such as single and double iron beds, cloth beds, student beds, four-fold beds, student tables, portable tables, lounge chairs, etc. You buy, the price is affordable, please call to buy!

Category: Home Decoration Furniture Area: Hainan Haikou Company: Storage time: 2019-08-15 08:57:13

How to use the cleaning ball correctly
The products made by cleaning ball manufacturers play a more important role in our lives, but they must be used correctly to obtain good results. Now let's take a closer look? When cleaning aluminum utensils with a cleaning ball, you should gently wipe, while the inside of the utensil is wiped with a soft cloth. When the oil on the surface of the vessel is very heavy, it is necessary to use a steel wire cleaning ball. After brushing and cleaning, heat it on a small fire for several minutes to form a protective layer of alumina on the surface. Alkali substances chemically react with aluminum, affecting health. Generally, the steel wire cleaning ball will become dirty after brushing the heavy oily utensils, and the use effect is very bad. At this time, you can bake it on the fire, and after it cools down by itself, shake ...

Category: Household Decoration Cleaning Appliances Area: Shandong Linyi Company: Storage time: 2019-08-14 11:08:16

Wireless eye massager eye protector smart charging eye massage instrument vibration hot pack music factory direct sales
Product parameters of eye protector Product Net weight: 280 g Input power: 3.4W Working environment: Temperature 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ Relative humidity ≤80 Atmospheric intensity: 860hpa ~ 1060hpa Magnetic field intensity: 50mt ~ 250mt Hot compressing temperature: 42 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ Power supply Method: Lithium battery charging product features This product is a compound high-tech microcomputer eye massager. This product uses microcomputer chip control technology for full humanized simulation control. This product successfully applies the new concept of air pressure to eye health, making This product is more humane. Air pressure under the control of microcomputer can be all-round humanized rubbing on the eyes. Soothing eye pressure, this product uses built-in stand ...

Category: Home Decoration Personal Care Appliances Area: Dongguan, Guangdong Company: Dongguan Benkang Industrial Co., Ltd. Storage Time: 2019-08-01 15:16:37

Factory direct diving material, fever, eye protection, hot compress, eliminate eye fatigue, imitate eye massage
Product Name: USB Hot Compression Eye Mask Product Size: 9CMX25CM Product Color: Black. Gray, Blue Item No .: BFYZ-001 Material: Diving Material [Fit to the crowd] 1. It is especially suitable for children with good eyesight! 2. Good partner for office work! 3, suitable for dark circles, bags under the eyes, lack of sleep, vision fatigue crowd! 4, suitable for reading, writing, leisure, vacation and other occasions, easy to carry! 5, suitable for siesta, lunch break, holiday break! 6, suitable for matching with eye mask jacket, ready to use, can replace a variety of fragrances, easy to carry! Benfeng brand, source factory, trusted by customers! This shop is Benfeng brand manufacturer, direct sales from origin, source workers ...

Category: Home Decoration Personal Care Appliances Area: Dongguan, Guangdong Company: Dongguan Benkang Industrial Co., Ltd. Entry Time: 2019-08-01 15:14:22

In addition to mite spray
Performance of mite-repellent spray products Natural mite-repellent sprays are made from natural plant extracts using biotechnology. Suitable for all kinds of places, effectively prevent all kinds of household mites from harming the human living environment, and eliminate mites easily. The main ingredients are lemon eucalyptus leaf extract, lemongrass extract, surfactant and purified water. Product Features Natural eucalyptus lemon eucalyptus leaves and lemongrass extract can effectively eliminate domestic mites and reduce symptoms caused by mites. The water-based formula is not irritating, and it is more assured to use. 360 ° protection mini spray head, spray more evenly, multi-angle anti-mite. Usage method 1. Spray directly on the corners of the room, the space under the bed, the curtains, the space behind the furniture, and the indoor storage places, such as mite habitats or spaces.

Category: Home Decoration Other Unclassified Area: Shanghai Shanghai Company: Warcat Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Entry Time: 2019-12-02 15:26:23

Electric heating mosquito liquid
Product performance (use): The electric heating mosquito-repellent liquid uses pyrethroid as an active ingredient, which can kill indoor mosquitoes. After being energized with the supporting heater, the liquid can be evenly distributed, and the cumulative effective mosquito-repellent time can reach 480 hours. Instructions for use: Unscrew the bottle cap, screw the liquid bottle into the heater, and check if the mandrel is centered. Turn on the power, and the indicator light is on to indicate the start of heating. When not in use, just unplug it. After the liquid medicine is used up, cut off the power before replacing the new liquid medicine. Regardless of the front socket or extension board used, always keep the liquid bottle upright to prevent accidents caused by liquid leakage. Note: 1. Please read the usage method and precautions carefully before use. 2. Pay attention to ventilation when using. Please place the heater on the air outlet, do not ...

Category: Home Decoration Other Unclassified Area: Shanghai Shanghai Company: Warcat Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Storage Time: 2019-12-02 15:26:04

School auditorium chair aluminum seat manufacturer
Do you know what aspects of the auditorium chair to go through? We will briefly introduce it to everyone. Auditorium chairs are often used in schools, auditoriums, hotels, conference rooms and other places. The comfort of sitting on a good auditorium chair is different, giving a different feeling. First, it is the comfort and safety of the chair back in the auditorium. Some chairs have loose backrests that make noise when shaken slightly. This chair is not only easily damaged, but also has potential safety hazards. The height of the backrest is currently adjustable on the market. The height of the backrest is adjustable, which makes the side of the seat flexible. Good auditorium chair function is very important. Second, the good sitting position of the auditorium chair, the three 90-degree center principle, the angle of the thigh is between 90 degrees and 100 degrees, the body's ...

Category: Home Furnishing School Furniture Area: Tianjin Tianjin Company: Hebei Xinxuetang Teaching Appliance Co., Ltd. Storage Time: 2019-07-08 09:40:22

Safely kill cockroaches to trap cockroaches house wholesale strong sticky cockroach board
Product performance: Utilizing the characteristics of cockroaches' yin, supplemented with attractants (without pesticides) to attract cockroaches to crawl in. The cockroaches are caught by glue. The unevenness on the sticky board can better stick to the cockroach's body and feet. It sticks more firmly and can be used by infants and pet families. Applicable places: Homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools and other places with cockroaches. Replacement cycle: Usually you need to replace the cockroach house within 1 month after tearing off the release paper. If there are many cockroaches caught, you should replace them in advance. Precautions: Please keep the house in a safe place. Keep children and pets out of the house. If the glue accidentally sticks to clothes, skin, floor, etc., wipe it with vegetable oil first and then clean it with detergent. Placement ...

Category: Home Decoration Other Unclassified Area: Shanghai Shanghai Company: Warcat Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Entry Time: 2019-12-02 15:26:22

Household mite-repellent blanket carpet to mite-proof baby bedding mild and non-irritating
Product performance: Natural plant formula mite removing bag, just put it on the bed, sofa, clothes, pet nest, towels, toys and other places, you can kill the common mites in the family 24 hours a day, it is convenient and fast, let you say goodbye to mites "Cohabitation" days. Product features: 1. Natural eucalyptus lemon eucalyptus leaves and lemongrass extracts effectively drive home mites. 2. Fresh and natural natural herbal ingredients are volatile, lightly plant fragrance. 3. Safe slow-release Advanced slow-release barrier technology, slow release, no artificial flavor added, care for the whole family. How to use: 1. Open the carton, disassemble the transparent film, and remove the mite pack. 2.Put the mite pack in the pillowcase, under the sheets, in the wardrobe bedding, and under the sofa cushion to breed mites ...

Category: Home Decoration Other Unclassified Area: Shanghai Shanghai Company: Warcat Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Entry Time: 2019-12-02 15:26:20

Shandong custom home furnishing factory direct sales EI multi-layer solid wood modern minimalist corner cloakroom locker
Shandong custom home furnishing manufacturers are welcomed by more and more people. When using it, different cabinets are custom designed according to the specific space. So for the cabinet, what is the difference between the different shapes? I-shaped cabinets are all appliances and cabinets placed along a wall. This compact and effective narrow kitchen design is suitable for small and medium families or only one person working in the kitchen at the same time. L-shaped kitchen is a practical kitchen design, ideal for small spaces. U-shaped kitchen is easy to access every item, only suitable for large kitchens. The island-shaped kitchen has more countertops and storage space, which is convenient for multiple people to work in the kitchen at the same time. Of course, when customizing, you need to choose according to different home environments. At the same time, you should pay attention to it when you use it, you must always ...

Category: Home Furnishings Public Places Furniture Area: Shandong Linyi Company: Constance Storage Time: 2019-05-16 11:39:45

Bifenthrin prevention termite decoration decoration prevention new house termite prevention lotion emulsion termite killer
Brief introduction of bifenthrin termite medicine: 1. Bifenthrin can effectively kill termites and has a long-term repellent effect due to its chemical structure. Under the circumstance of reasonable avoidance, it can effectively prevent the house construction from being invaded by termites for 5-10 years. 2. Bifenthrin is characterized by low water solubility, does not move in the soil, and is safer for the environment. And it has very low toxicity to mammals. Compared with other pesticides, it has a low concentration in the application of different fruits, field crops, ornamental plants, animals, and indoor pests and veterinary drugs. It is especially important that bifenthrin has a fast metabolism in humans and other mammals without the risk of accumulation. Product Name: Bifenthrin Bifenthion Termite Medicine Termite Control CAS: 82657 -...

Category: Home Decoration Other Unclassified Area: Shanghai Shanghai Company: Warcat Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Entry Time: 2019-12-02 15:26:14

Termite Control Center
On-site service introduction: In Shanghai, Shenzhen and surrounding cities, on-site termite control services are arranged by phone and customer service to schedule on-site visits, and anthelminologists will conduct on-site surveys, formulate termite control plans, and effectively control termites. Disinfection is completed and a 3-year after-sales warranty is provided. Within 3 years, termites can be returned to the house for free. If it is pre-renovation prevention, the warranty is also 3 years, but if ant damage occurs within 3 years, a full refund will be made and the prevention will be free again. Service order process 1. Telephone communication: We guarantee to keep in touch with you 24 hours (Monday to Sunday), and arrange an appointment at a time that suits you. 2. On-site survey: Our Bug Division Exterminator will conduct a thorough inspection, evaluate your problem, and make suggestions for effective treatment. Long term term ...

Category: Home Decoration Other Unclassified Area: Shanghai Shanghai Company: Warcat Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Entry Time: 2019-12-02 15:26:06

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