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Dezhou Haowei New Materials Co., Ltd.

Company Profile:
Dezhou Haowei New Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, design, production, maintenance and sales. The company has technical personnel, the introduction of a complete set of foreign production equipment and innovative technology, relying on technology and technology for development, and constantly provide customers with satisfactory technical products, is our constant pursuit.
The company's main production and operation: research and development of new materials, technology promotion, technical consultation, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene products, plastic products, nylon products, chain guides, rubber products, phenolic resin products, epoxy resin materials, carbon fiber products, composite materials , Waterproof materials, geotechnical materials, geomembrane, geotextiles, drainage nets, geogrids, microcrystalline plates, cast stone slabs, coal bunker liners, bunker liner lining boards, installation and maintenance. Honest management, efficient production, and high-quality products have won unanimous praise from customers. The company has excellent design, production and construction teams, which can carry out on-site design, construction and after-sales service for customers. The company is guided by the development model of survival by quality, development by brand, and customer demand. With high-quality products and warm and thoughtful service, new and old customers are welcome to visit the factory for guidance.

Company details:
category: Chemical Industry
Area: Dezhou , Shandong
company name: Dezhou Haowei New Materials Co., Ltd.
English name:
Phone: 0534-5563977
Fax: 0534-5563977
address: Shandong Wanda Apartment 1724
Contact: Li Weiwei
Company Website:
Storage time: 2019-12-26 09:29:30
User: haowei7776
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